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The primary motivation of NEUROSCAFFOLDS is to address the most challenging tissue to be repaired, i.e. the nervous system, where neurons cannot be assembled randomly, as in other tissues such as bones and liver.

our work plan

four main steps
1 - Development and fabrication of Scaffolds; 2 - Experimentation and testing of the formation of 3D neuronal networks; 3 - Analysis of long term survival of 3D neuronal networks; 4- Development and testing of scaffolds for implants.

news & events

latest news
The Second Annual Meeting of the Consortium took place in Paris on October 11th 2015. On this occasion also a joint event, the Paris Symposium on Integrated Cell-Material Sciences took place on October 12th and 13th.

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What we are doing right now
Vincent Torre, Yong Chen and the Chinese partners of the NEUROSCAFFOLDS project met on the occasion of the Final Meeting and of the Symposium on Material-Cell Interfaces