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The Project

Scaffolds made of different materials have been constructed for the repair of different tissues, such as bones, liver and other organs. These scaffolds have been produced with a variety of different techniques including rapid prototyping (RP). However, attempts to construct scaffolds for the repair of the central nervous system have had limited success for the functional recovery of the damaged nervous system, because of the intrinsic poor regenerative properties of this tissue. Our driving hypothesis of our project NEUROSCAFFOLDS is that this will be overcome by providing neurons with a scaffold containing nanomodified surfaces.


Concept and objectives

The primary motivation of NEUROSCAFFOLDS is to address the most challenging tissue to be repaired, i.e. the nervous system, where neurons cannot be assembled randomly, as in other tissues such a ... {read more}


VIDEOS NEUROSCAFFOLDS - rapid prototyping scaffolds for the nervous system: LAST VIDEO: ... {read more}